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Cultural immersion

The image that historians have of the Mayans is not some fixed established text but has constantly altered over the last 40 years and is still developing. This changing image reflects the variety and the complexity of Mayan society. Mayan cities were not all of the same style and size but changed and developed over centuries. The deciphering of the Maya script since the 1970s also helped to create a vivid account of the Mayan past with names, dates and individuals rather than just an anonymous archeological record.

Immerse yourself in history of the mayan people in Belize.



Whether you love to biplane through ceremonial Mayan caves of want to get “kissed” by a jaguar, we can arrange all your adventures with knowledgable guides!

Water adventures

Belize is home to countless cayes and private islands, as well as turquoise waters full of life. Whether you’re an avid fisherman, a seasoned diver, or you’re just love to spot turtles, rays and the occasional nurse shark while you snorkel, there are endless opportunities in our beautiful Caribbean Sea.